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Need Onsite Computer Help in South Eastern Melbourne? Onsite Computer Help in South Eastern Melbourne. Direct I.T Services provides professional computer repairs and support for home and small business users in Pakenham and surrounding suburbs. All areas in the Casey, Cardinia and Dandenong areas, Officer, Berwick, Narre Warren and Cranbourne.

Try Our Online Ticket Support System Direct I.T Online provides smart cost-effective professional I.T help online. Save hundreds of dollars on expensive onsite repair call-outs which may fix your problem in 10 minutes and charge you a minimum hour + call-out fees.
Direct I.T Online provide an online solutions for home and small business users fixing general PC configuration problems and hardware/software troubleshooting, Outlook and email account troubleshooting, hardware advice and second opinion checks.

"Direct I.T Online offers a simple ticket based online solution to troubleshoot I.T problems that suits your time, budget and needs."

How Can Direct I.T Online Help You Right Now?

If you have a PC, Smart Device problem chances are it's a software related issue and can be fixed with some online help, most problems that frustrate end users are well known and a quick Google search can throw up pages of technical information and remedies. Very helpful if you have the time and knowledge to sift though and find the solution.

Our technicians use years of experience and research to source and explain solutions in simple language.
Some example issues are,

  • Printer Connections
  • Driver and Hardware Compatibility
  • Client Email Configurations
  • ADSL/VSL NBN Modem Setup
  • Networking Modem/Router Settings
  • Software Package Troubleshooting
  • Windows Error Messages Advice
  • Smart Phone Help & Backup

Direct I.T Online can also help with general I.T questions and advice anything from new hardware or complete system purchases, laptop recommendations, ISP plans and smart phone help.

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